10 Things To Say To Men That Will Make Him Feel Like It’s His Birthday

Every now and then it’s important for people to go outside the usual routine in their relationships.

Here’s a list of 10 things you can say to a man that will make his day:

1. “What do you want to watch?”

Chances are you probably have no interest in watching what he wants, but men love nothing more then explaining the rules of their favorite sport to someone showing (or in this case pretending to show ) interest. You get extra points for asking questions.

2. “My mom likes you the best out of all ex boyfriends/ex husbands”

Is he a keeper? Let him know by acting/pretending that he’s impacted your family differently then previous guys. You are mentally popping his collar, and he’ll feel warm and fuzzy inside.

3. “You’re sexier then all your friends”

Everyone can use a nice superficial compliment once in a while. Telling him this will pump his ego AND show that you are attracted to him. Attraction = trust. Trust = fidelity. Fidelity = shiny diamonds.

4. “Can you open this for me?”

Getting guys to open a jar once in awhile makes us feel useful (not to mention manly!). Remind him he’s needed….for SOMETHING.

5. “What do you want for dinner?”

All men (whether they say it or not) are extremely grateful for every meal we eat that we don’t have to prepare. Even if he’s a chef, let him relax one night. Ask what he wants, then take care of everything.

6. “What’s the fastest way to X?”

Men love directions and getting where we’re going as fast as humanly possible. We know (or think we know) the best directions everywhere. Even if you think he’s wrong, smile and nod.

7. “Can I get you a beer?”

Men love beer but we hate to get up (quick tip – if you dangle the beer in front him he’ll give you whatever you want. Do this if you know he has cash in his wallet).

8. “Go have a boys night”

As much as guys love their ladies, there’s nothing like hanging out with the boys. We NEED it, so if you initiate the idea…if you’re not already married and you say this, you will very likely be soon.

9. “My friend thinks your hot”

Watch the satisfaction on his face when you say this to him. All guys like the idea of your friends thinking he’s hot, and you telling him shows you’re confident he ain’t going nowhere.

10. “Can you teach me how to play poker?”

Guys want their cake and to eat it too. Show some interest and learn poker (it’s fun)…women are surprisingly good at poker, and you never know, you might win all his money.

So there you have it! 10 simple ways to make his day. This DOES require some patience and perhaps even some acting on your part, but will contribute to the long term success of your relationship…if that’s what you want.

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Evan Michaels

Evan M.10 Things To Say To Men That Will Make Him Feel Like It’s His Birthday
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    Great blog! Thanks for the list. This is really helpful to women.
    There is a quote the says, “The way to a man’s heart is not through his stomach, not even that place a little further south. If you really want to keep the lover you have, it’s in how you talk to him.”