101 Dirty Talk Examples To Drive Men WILD!

To help you get started spicing up your sex life here are 101 dirty talk examples that will blow the socks off your man in bed!

good-dirty-talk-examplesBut before I get into it, remember, great dirty talk is different for everyone.

While the below examples have been known to work and are recommended from men across the board …it’s all about the delivery.

I suggest you customize each one for your guy to really drive him crazy.

Enough talking …on to the examples!

101 Irresistible Dirty Talk Examples:

    1. I love your hot c*ck
    2. I want you inside me right now!
    3. I’m going to rock your world right now
    4. I feel so sexy in your arms
    5. Stand right there… I’m going to slowly undress you…
    6. You’re so hot and sexy
    7. You look so hot… I want you right now
    8. Is that a present for me wrapped up in your boxers?
    9. I’m gonna take control tonight baby… and you have to do *everything* I say!
    10. I want your c*ck in me
    11. I’m going to s*ck you till you c*m so hard!
    12. Mmm… I love the taste of you
    13. Naughty boys like you need to be punished
    14. You’re so big!
    15. Have you been bad today?
    16. You have a very skilled tongue
    17. What are you going to do to me?
    18. What do you want to do to me?
    19. I want to give you so much pleasure
    20. I want to your hard d*ck in my mouth
    21. You make me so wet
    22. Lick me right here and I’ll c*m (then show him slowly with your hand)
    23. You’ get me off like no other man can
    24. S*cking you off turns me on so much
    25. You have the nicest c*ck I have ever seen
    26. I love it when you say my name while we’re having sex… it turns me on so much
    27. You feel so good when you’re deep inside me…
    28. Your body feels so soft and smooth… I love it when you’re pressed naked against me…
    29. I’d love you to f*ck me from behind
    30. We fit so perfectly together baby… you feel wonderful inside me
    31. You’re making me squirm with pleasure
    32. I can’t get enough of your sexy broad shoulders and gorgeous chest
    33. Your c*ck fits me perfectly baby
    34. I love it when you c*m inside me
    35. Oh that feels so good!
    36. I love looking into your eyes when we’re having sex, it turns me on
    37. I love it when you wrap your muscular arms around me
    38. I love it when you f*ck me fast/slow like that
    39. Your c*ck feels huge!
    40. That’s so good… you’re going to make me c*m
    41. Yeah… f*ck me baby
    42. Mmm… I want you to c*m INSIDE me
    43. Where do you want to c*m?
    44. Take it slowly baby
    45. Are you gonna c*m?
    46. I want you to c*m all over me
    47. I’m your bad little girl
    48. It’s going in so deep, almost too deep
    49. Does that feel good baby?
    50. Take me now baby
    51. You give me the best sex I’ve ever had
    52. Give it to me tiger!
    53. I want to taste you baby
    54. That was hot, let’s do it again!
    55. I want to ride you right now baby
    56. Come here big boy
    57. No one has ever turned me on like you can
    58. I can’t wait to do you!
    59. You have the most beautiful c*ck I have ever seen
    60. Your p*nis drives me wild!
    61. Your body is so hot
    62. I want you to be gentle
    63. Stick it in, plllllllease
    64. Rub my cl*t with your nice c*ck
    65. I’m going to f*ck you so hard and fast
    66. I love feeling your hard c*ck deep inside me… stretching my p*ssy when you thrust like that
    67. Your c*ck is stretching me out
    68. I love putting my hands all over your gorgeous shoulders and arms while I ride your hard c*ck… it makes me want to f*cking scream!
    69. I want to ride your hard, fat c*ck so it fills my tight p*ssy until you make me scream baby
    70. Your hard c*ck fills my p*ssy and makes me scream every time
    71. I just wanna scream with pleasure when you’re pounding me with your hard c*ck
    72. I get so wet when I see your ripped abs and chest pressed against my tits
    73. Take it slowly baby… your hard fat c*ck is stretching my tight wet p*ssy
    74. I just wanna scream when I feel your hard c*ck come inside my tight p*ssy
    75. Keep f****** me just like that baby… your c*ck feels amazing!
    76. It makes me so wet when you look at me while you’re pounding my p*ssy with your hard c*ck
    77. I get so wet when you hold me close and thrust your hard c*ck inside me
    78. I love having my wet p*ssy filled with your hard c*ck when you bang me hard like that
    79. Oh yeah… I want to feel every inch of that hard throbbing c*ck inside me
    80. Keep f*cking me like that and I am going to c*m so hard
    81. Yeah… pound my p*ssy with that big c*ck of yours
    82. I want you to fill my p*ssy with your c*m baby
    83. I want you to c*m all over my chest baby
    84. Go slowly baby… I want you to ease your c*ck into my tight p*ssy
    85. Do you want to c*m on me baby?
    86. I’ve been a very naughty girl and you need to punish me with your c*ck
    87. You’re filling me all up baby… I love your hard fat c*ck stuffed inside my p*ssy
    88. I want to make you moan and scream when I touch you all over… till you can’t take it any more
    89. Fill my p*ssy with your throbbing d*ck baby
    90. You make me c*m so f*cking hard baby
    91. I can’t wait to wrap my lips around your hard c*ck
    92. Why don’t you come up here so I can s*ck on it then you can put it back in?
    93. That was f*cking incredible… f*ck me again!
    94. How about I go on top and ride you for a bit, big boy?
    95. Slow down there big boy, I need a break
    96. Tease me with that nice c*ck
    97. Tell me how much you love it
    98. Slap my *ss
    99. Slap my *ss harder
    100. Finish on my *ss
    101. Whew! That’s a great workout

There you have it!

I hope these examples give you LOTS of ammunition for not just in the bedroom but for some red-hot sexts as well!

Remember, these dirty talk examples can give you some fast ways to turn your man on, but if you REALLY want to learn how to drive your man wild then learn how to talk dirty FROM a guy.

Stay Sexy,

Evan Michaels

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Evan M.101 Dirty Talk Examples To Drive Men WILD!
  • lucy

    You have a very skilled tongue
    What are you going to do to me?
    What do you want to do to me?

  • Cristina

    hey look my pussies are dry il make them wet opr do you wanna do it for me?

  • Johnnyappleseed

    This is the internet, not network television- you don’t need to censor yourself. Fuck, shit, fuck, piss, pussy, cock, slut. See: no stars necessary!

  • star69

    Baha these are hilarious. If anyone said “Whew! That’s a great workout” to me after sex, I would eject them from the bed immediately.

  • liliwonders

    Why come no ass stuff?
    “Shove that big c*ck in my Ass over and over until you make me squiirt out of my little tight c*nt”


  • chickachickaboom

    Some that gets my man going!
    Eat me til I squirt all over your face
    Clean all my c*m off my dripping wet c*nt
    F*ck me like the little wh*re I am
    Make me a good girl
    F*ck the bad out of me baby

  • diane

    I’m gonna snail trail your face

  • Brittney

    i love this site……makes me feel more capable of pleasing my man in every way i can…..thnx for sharing