Dirty Talk To Girls

First off…

To any guy reading this …what a lucky girl.

Most guys will never learn how to talk dirty, and leave  many women sexually unsatisfied. Tragic!

You see women too love some good ol’ dirty talk.

We want to feel sexy, kinky, exotic …and have some, you know, rock star sex!!!

Here’s the thing …if you truly want to learn how to talk dirty to your girl, you’re going to have to learn some sweet ninja moves. Because a few random dirty talk phrases won’t do the trick.

Every girl is different …so if you’ve gotten down and dirty with her already, you should be able to tell what kind of girl she is:

  1. She didn’t make a sound in bed
  2. She had some good moans going on and a couple “oh yeahs”
  3. She’s a total freak and asked you to call her a dirty b*tch

As you can imagine, each type of these girls needs you to talk dirty to them in different ways.

The first type are shy, delicate flowers who need help blossoming. Appreciate and flatter her. Tell her she is beautiful and ask her gentle engaging questions. Don’t call her a dirty b*tch :)

The second type covers the majority of women. Down for a good time but a little nervous and unsure of what to say back. Compliments always go a long way, but if you keep telling her she’s gorgeous, it doesn’t leave her with much to say back to you. Ask her sexy questions. Get her involved. Be descriptive. Be the boss a little, and take baby steps. Don’t go too crazy at first.

The third type of woman will eat you alive if you aren’t careful. She gets bored easily and is looking for another spitfire to throw down some SERIOUS game. Words like wh*re, b*tch, sl*t, are all fine here. It’s literally a no-holds bar match, and the more descriptive, more nasty, and more erotic you can be, the more you will satisfy her. Be careful with this one!!!!

If you like these tips and want to learn more please check out Dirty Talk Tips: What She Wants, I’ve put together all the most amazing dirty talk examples and a list of exactly how to go from dirty talk zero to hero for GUYS ONLY. It’s an amazing read and is guaranteed to ignite your sex life!

Go talk dirty to your girl and rock her world!!!!


Jess SummersDirty Talk To Girls