Dirty Texts to Send to a Guy – Examples That Will Drive Him Wild!

dirty-talk-examplesEvery guy has a cell phone nowadays and that means being instantly accessible all the time.

That can equal fireworks in the sexiness department for any woman who wants to have some fun with her man…

As a guy let me tell you, all men love dirty talk! And all it takes to really get our imaginations running wild is a simple dirty text.

Whether we’re at work, hanging with the boys, or playing video games, there is NO wrong time to receive a sexy message.

From experience let me tell you how exciting it is when you are in a boring meeting, you look down at your phone and your lover is expressing their deepest desire for you in a dirty text, perhaps with photo evidence.


Everything thinks you’re in a great mood, but really it’s the red-hot text message you can’t stop thinking about!

So obviously, dirty texts can put a sizzling spark in your relationship and really make your guy go crazy for you. And the fact you don’t have to talk with someone face to face also allows you to be a little bolder with what you say.

Ok, without any further ado…

Here Are 11 Dirty Texts To Drive Your Man Wild:

“Hey tiger, I can’t stop thinking about you”

“No one can turn me on like you”

“I can’t wait to do you!”

“You have the nicest **** I have ever seen”

“Your ***** drives me wild!”

“Your body is so hot”

“I can’t stop thinking about last night”

“What do you want me to do to you later?”

“I am so horny for you right now”

“I can’t even work because I am still shaking from last night”

“You can do whatever you want to me later”

There you have it! 11 red-hot dirty texts to send to a guy!

If those text messages don’t get his blood boiling you might need to check his pulse.

Of course you can and should customize those examples to suit your guy. They are just to give you an idea of how to get started.

Down the road you can change the nicknames around, but most importantly practice as much as you can as you will get much better with experience.

Learning how to please your man will make your sex life more and more exciting every time you text each other, so congrats for taking initiative for finding out what men want. He’s a lucky guy!

For more on how to become a man-pleasing MACHINE check out The Dirty Talk Handbook <- I’ve put all the best stuff in here ;)

As always, thanks for reading and stay sexy!

Evan Michaels

p.s Don’t forget to share your favorite dirty talk examples in the comment section below.

Evan M.Dirty Texts to Send to a Guy – Examples That Will Drive Him Wild!
  • mystery gal on top

    this really turned me on let alone by fella….i enjoyed my own little fantasy thank you x

  • trista

    sorry to say but you are so wrong, all my guy did was laugh at my texts

  • Big Daddys dirty girl

    I just tried on of these lines & I got a instant text back ! It really works. Thanks

  • Serena

    This is child’s play. With the ridiculous amount of free porn, slutty reality TV stars either making sex tapes are going on about their slutty escapades, and the general social shift towards a much more open, communicative (texts, facebook, fcking everything) and competitive sexual world, this is just plain boring. Dirty it up, be creative. Anyone can say “I love you’re hard c*ck”, big deal. What about how that hard c*ck tastes when I lick it clean right after you f*ck me?

  • kay =)

    what i am going to write will turn a guy on instantly as it did my guy —– I wanna go to a place with you. and do naughty things to you, tie you to the bedand go four play with a bit of whipped cream ;) i’m gonna make you want more and more make sure you get the hard core ;) wait tll the lights go off sweety. Wanna see me lick a lolly pop? I’ll be waiting ;) . —- now thats dirty dirty talk -_-

  • Isabella

    wish you where here im sooo horny, id takeyou straight up to my bedroom and give you the best blowjob youve ever had, then id gently slide you into my deep wet *****

  • http://facebook kevin

    i will put whip cream alll over you suck your puss and make you sream loud and lick you when you are dirty

  • http://Facebook Agathe

    I’ll undo ya bra strap nd play wif ya tidies while we tounge down laying on da bed

  • http://Facebook Agathe

    What should i respond to this? “I’ll undo ya bra strap nd play wif ya tidies while we tounge down laying on da bed”

  • curious

    Here’s one you can text I want you to pull my hair also me on the ass, and call me bi*ch!!!!

  • curious

    typo slap me on the ass

  • jen

    THESE ARE HYSTERICAL HAHAH for any woman wanting to make their man sweat you need to be less of a kitten and more of a tiger for example…I want your hard pulsing cock in my wet pussy.
    now thats no kitten
    rawr ;) lol

  • Esbee

    I send stuff to my
    Man saying i want his cock in my mouth till it reaches my throat. I want u to go down on me and pleasure me with ur tongue till i cum. Im pleasuring myself just to the thought of having you deep inside me