Do all men like dirty talk?

Do all men like dirty talk?

Pretty much!

It shows:

  • You’re attracted to us
  • You are prepared to be vulnerable to us

There are all kinds of dirty talk. I don’t just mean dirty talk in the bedroom. It can be everything from playing flirty ‘hard to get’ games to text messaging. It shows you think about us, and we really turn you on!

One think you have to be careful of however, is the type of dirty talk you deliver to your guy.

Not every guy reacts the same to different kinds of dirty talk.

Through all of the surveying I’ve done with every type of guy you can imagine, some guys like outright obvious dirty talk, where some guys enjoy more of a challenge and more thought out dirty talk.

The key is knowing your guy, and taking a bit of a chance when talking dirty. Life isn’t like Sex and the City, and it’s extremely rare that you could say something that would stop a guy from, well you know.

Do all men like dirty talk? Yes.

But start small, and work your way up. Don’t be afraid to outright ask certain questions if you don’t know.

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Evan Michaels

Evan M.Do all men like dirty talk?