How to take sexy pictures for your boyfriend

Relationships, whether new or old can be so much fun… IF you know how to keep things new and exciting!

Here’s a tip for you out there who want to keep your man on tilt so he’s always fantasizing about you.

Take sexy pictures of yourself, and send/leave them for him when he doesn’t suspect it.

There are many different ways to do this: using your cell phone, having a normal camera with a tripod (of if you’re good at balancing it on things). But today I want to give you suggestions on what to do in the picture.

One of the biggest tools YOU have in your arsenal, is his imagination. A sexy picture doesn’t always mean nudity. Sometimes, a picture in a cute outfit, or sexy panties on the floor can get him steamed up much more then a close up of your chest (which can also work well, depending on the situation!). But be creative.

Remember, part of the WHOLE reason I created this site, was to show you how to control your relationship. And when you know how to please your man, you can use it to get what you want! I’m not suggesting that you take advantage of men in a mean way, but you can definitely use these techniques to help get what you want.

If you’re in a sexy mood, you can send him sexy pictures to set the tone for when he gets home.

If you’re in a cuddly mood, you can send him fun, relaxing pictures of candles, delicious food, or whatever you want.

If you learn how to take sexy pictures for your boyfriend, he will want to take such good care of you!

Give it a try.

Be back next week!

Evan Michaels

Evan M.How to take sexy pictures for your boyfriend
  • Alan Reynolds

    Any girl that has sex before marriage just shows that she is an easy slut. Men will do you but wont respect you if you dont wait until marriage to have sex.

  • kit

    Why has it got to just be girls, Alan? Talk about a double-standard!!! I’m a feminist – I believe in equal rights and the freedom to choose – what this country was born on! Men AND WOMEN can have sex whenever they want, so long as they know the potential consequences and how to use safety.

  • Kristal

    So does that mean men are sluts too if they have sex before marriage? I would then assume that you are a slut Alan. As I’m sure you had sex before you were married. If you are even married. That poor woman..

  • Terri Louise

    alan you prick, i know you must have views on this, but having sex before marriage is not WRONG. I respect your views on the subject, maybe you should try respecting other peoples, no one is making you have sex!

  • Trisha tompkins

    Actually allan that’s not true not all girls who do that before marriage are sluts. I started haveing sex when I was 15 but I was with him for 2 yrs. It’s all how the girl is if she just puts it out there and is easy. I haven’t been with alot and I haven’t had sex in a long time because it’s not worth it now that I look back because I’d rather wait for the right person. I know it doesn’t make since but it’s true no more til I find the one and get married! In the end it is worth it to wait extremely important

  • Alana

    Alan youre an idiot, youre prob some 40 year ld virgin that cant get any thats why you think like that!

  • Taylor

    hey, alan..we just know how to satisfy our human needs. ;)

  • Latoya

    Alan you’re so incorrect…if u have sex b4 you’re married you’re a slut???? really?? come on now. you sound stupid

  • Sara

    Really, Alan? I respect your view on sex before marriage, but why point out just the girls? You’re basically saying men can go and have sex whenever they please, but as soon as a girl has sex, no matter how long they’ve been together as long as they’re not married their sluts. A person can be dating someone for well over 6 years before they get married, but still have sex. Pretty sure if they’re together for 6+ years and they’re having sex the girl isn’t a slut.

  • Ashlee

    lmfaooo i love how everyone is bitching out alan…i totally agree with all of you :D lol

  • Kay

    Haha. Okay everyone, I love the fact that I’m not the only one that ever thinks ab the fact that uhmm, 88% of the world thinks that it’s all the girls fault! But no its not at all. I love my boyfriend to death, but my opinion on this matter is slightly leaning both directions. Yes, they say waiting til you find the one you want to spend the rest of your life with..but I’m sure they mean guys have to obey too. What. “Guys will be guys?!” DONT THINK SO!! I think if guys are constantly looking down on girls bc they’ve had sex, that’s just a way for them to feel secure & blame it on someone else! But sure, there’s some girls that just have it to be having it.& they keep running to new guys. That’s wrong but think ab it in the end were all humans. Don’t we all live to please ourselves?, or do we live to please people like Alan that say girls are sluts?. I’m not here to please Alan! I’m here to please myself and my boyfriend :) bc he’s amazing.. & I love him<3 anyways people I just wanted to add this. "Alan, what in the world are you on this page for, if you think that strongly ab that?!" oahh yeahhhh && EVERYONE, HAVE AN GREAT TIME TAKING PICTURES FOR THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE!! I'm gonna go tryy.!(:

  • lol

    sex until marriage = virgins. for the guys, would you really want to fuck someone saying ow ow ow slower owwww throughout the session? or someone with experience and knows a few tricks. jeez.

  • blobby


  • Alicia

    Omg really Alan??? Ur a fucken idiot like seriously just bcz ur not getting it in doesn’t mean we are sluts ur just a fucken idiot who don’t kno what he is talkin abt so nigga stfu and stop being jealous of all of us bcz u ain’t getting any we all are happy bcz we are having the time of our lives and ur still jacking off and watching porn nigga get a vagina!!!

  • Avori

    Just because you have sex before marriage doesn’t mean your an “easy slut”. Dont preach about stuff you’ve never experienced.

  • Lucie

    Alan shut up you absoulte virgin!

  • patrice

    Alan, wat da hail! you are so rude for saying that. if all girls waited until they were married you wouldnt have anyone to have sex with. because HELLO no one is going to marry your rude ass.

  • JoJo

    I heard of this couple of virgins who dated for years before they got married the night all the action was begining to start they were both so excited that they each had a heart attack and died. Never even got to experience any of the sensations and be able to talk about it after….I dont think this happens to all but it makes you think….
    I think if a man can respect you enough to wait till your ready not necessarily till your married then there is no big deal with sex before…
    Love the idea of the naughty pictures tho…I do it all the time for my boyfriend while he is on the road.

  • Sker ~ Skina

    Wow! U know Alan it is 2012 right. We aren’t living in the yrs our grandparents or great grandparents were in. This is how it is. We have sex before marriage. Marriage isnt ever lasting anymore either. So deal with tha fact that women and MEN have sex before marriage and that its tha yr 2012. Hell im 28 and married and I got more action when I was single. Sad but true. Happy fucking ladies! Lmfao!

  • Becca

    Having sex doesn’t make you a slut.
    Just like being a virgin doesn’t make you a saint.
    Therefore, if you love them, sometimes you’ll give in. Some girls make mistakes. It’s part of life. Don’t judge a girl because she’s had sex. Try being in her shoes.