How To Talk Dirty Online

Talking dirty online is great!

You can do it any time, any place, any where …and most importantly, it’s fun!

But there’s more to it than just typing in a couple cliche lines ‘yerr so hotttt’ ‘i want you so bad’…

Which is why today I’m going to share a few tips on how to talk dirty online so you can WOW whoever you’re with so they’ll be knocking on your door in a hurry!


This goes for both men AND women, but chances are if someone is in to talking dirty online they likely have an active imagination. Which is good news for you! This will be your number 1 tool when turning them on.

You see the key is to be descriptive with your words and give them something they can visualize. This is why a sexy chat can be so erotic, because people can fantasize about what YOU say in a way that excites them…

So if you’re explaining what you’re doing to them in great detail, they will actually be able to imagine how it feels, turning them on greatly!

TIP – Do NOT Type In Large Chunks!

If you are using a chat program such a GTalk, MSN/Yahoo Messenger, etc. there is no bigger buzzkill than to see ‘your partner is typing’ for 2 minutes …then producing a HUGE wall of text.

Type in short steamy sentences.

Avoid this:

“I slide my hands around your hips and lightly tickle the inside of your thighs making my way up the zipper on your jeans where I slowly begin to unbutton you while kissing your neck once I unzip the zipper I notice I am fully engorged that you notice in the look of my eye so you…”

Do this:

“I slide my hands around your hips”

“then start dancing my fingers down the front of your jeans…”

“finding that you are ready for me :)”

Hit enter after each short line so they can FULLY participate in your story.

Use A Style That Suits Them

Part of becoming a great dirty talker means figuring out what your partner WANTS to hear then delivering. And the better you know the person, the easier it is.

For example, if you know the person is pretty introverted, their dirty talk most likely isn’t going to be hardcore. So when you’re chatting with someone who’s a little more shy you might:

  1. need to initiate for the most part
  2. ask them questions to get them to participate
  3. make them feel comfortable and don’t take them outside of their comfort zone

However if the person you’re talking with opens up about sex right away and starts using some nasty words during the conversation, it’s safe to say they’re ready for a no-holds bar out dirty each other marathon.

TIP – Don’t Freak Them Out!

If this is your first time talking dirty online with someone you might want to save your crazy fetishes for later! I mean there’s a chance if you talk about feet the entire time that your partner might dig it, but I would recommend that for later on in the dirty talking relationship. Start off generic and common, then build up to what you’re into.

I mean, that IS the great part about chatting online, you can find people with common interests before you start chatting… but if this is someone you know and you’re developing a new way of having fun together, try and hold back with the zombie sex chat (unless that’s what you’re BOTH into)!


While building confidence in the beginning it often helps to imagine you are somebody more confidence to help you with ideas of what to say along the way.

Maybe there’s a movie that has some steamy dialogue you enjoy, so you could pretend you’re one of the actors involved in that scene.

Role-playing is one of the secret weapons when it comes to talking dirty, especially online. If your partner is in to really freaky dirty talk and you want to give it to them, pretend you’re a porn star or their fantasy celeb and tease them with what you know they want to hear. Use that persona for creative ideas.

The major key when it comes to talking dirty online is to not be selfish. Exchange back and forth.

That’s it for today!

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