How To Talk Dirty To My Boyfriend

So you want to learn how to talk dirty to your boyfriend

What a lucky guy!

Even relationships where you can’t keep your hands off each other in the beginning will eventually begin to fizzle out. However, women EVERYWHERE are learning how to talk dirty to their boyfriends and putting the heat back in their relationships.

If you get embarrassed or nervous at the thought of talking dirty, just relax. It’s easy (as you will shortly discover), just know that all you are doing is communicating with your man. It’s like having a conversation about how good the food is at a nice meal …you don’t find that hard do you?

Also remember that talking dirty doesn’t mean you have to be dirty, it’s just an expression. I prefer to call it sexy talk, so for those of you who feel guilty or embarrassed, don’t.

Here are 3 pieces of advice that will will help you learn how to talk dirty to your boyfriend…

Number 1: ask questions.

Yes it is that easy. All you really need to do is ask questions. If you know he enjoys naughty talk, then his mind is already spinning a million miles a second. The beauty of asking questions is, it takes the pressure off of you and gets him talking.

“What do you want me to do to you?” – this is such a simple question, but will make him go crazy. Then you can ask follow up questions. AND, if you start talking about how you love what you are doing, he will literally melt in your hands.

Be creative.

Number 2: make sure your questions aren’t just yes or no questions.

If you ask, “Do you like that?” – while your intention is good, and this question is fine every now and then, all he can really say is either “oh yes” or “…not really”.

So when you are thinking of questions to ask him in the heat of the moment, do your best to go for answers that get him thinking and talking. Plus you will learn a lot about him and what turns him on for the future. Once you learn what turns him on he won’t even LOOK at other women!

Number 3: tell him about how great he is.

Every guy likes to hear he’s gods gift to women. It’s just the way they were programmed. Don’t blame them.

If you want to stand out from every woman he’s been with in bed, give him praise in the sack.

Act surprised at how “great” he is, or how nice his body is. Make him feel unique and memorable.

Tell him he is amazing, and he will think that YOU are amazing.

That’s it for today. Hopefully these 3 tips help give you an answer to the popular question of how to talk dirty to my boyfriend.

Stay sexy,

Evan Michaels

Evan M.How To Talk Dirty To My Boyfriend