Sexy Talk On The Phone

Tell me what you would do to me…

One tiny little sentence can crank up the heat in any phone conversation. And the best part is, it will bring back a different answer EVERY time.

Talking sexy on the phone is fantastic, however, for couples forced to dirty talk from a distance (because of jobs or school), it can be a little awkward at first.

So today we’re going to give you some tips on how to sexy talk on the phone.

1. Have fun with it (aka – laugh at yourself)

You might feel a little ridiculous at times, but that’s normal. The goal here is to keep the romance alive. The purpose isn’t always to …”finish”, but more to get your part fantasizing about you as much as possible when they can’t be with you.

Relax, have a drink, get comfortable, and have fun!

2. Be prepared

Like anything, the more you do it and the more prepared you are, the easier it will be.

There are plenty of dirty talk examples on this site (not to mention the must-read Dirty Talk Handbook). Write a few down if you want (no one will see you!), rehearse a little, and don’t forget; asking questions is a great way to take the heat off yourself.

3. Deliver

Be confident with what you are saying, and say it with conviction.

People love to hear that they are unique or special. So when you are telling your lover about what you love about them, say it and sound excited. Even exaggerate a little “You have the nicest X I have ever seen!”.

Your voice will make the dirty talk. Don’t strain to sound sexy, just try to really believe what you are saying. If you sound honest, it will be incredibly hot.

Enjoy it.

Just the fact you have someone to talk sexy on the phone with is awesome and you are lucky. Some people would kill to have that much trust with someone from the opposite sex. So embrace it.

If you make a mistake, big whoop. Chances are your partner is just as nervous or self-conscious as you are.

That’s it for today. Now go have some fun!

Stay sexy,

Evan Michaels

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Evan M.Sexy Talk On The Phone
  • Yvonne Davis

    Hello, My name is Carolyn Y. Davis i want to learn how to talk dirty to my man he does it all the time to me. i want to learn to returned the favor to him he asked me to talk dirty to him, but i don’t know what to say are where to start from. I need help learning how to do it is it’s any help out there for me if so please give me some help.

  • Evan

    Hi Yvonne,

    Good for you for wanting to return the favor. There are a LOT of resources here to help you learn to talk dirty to your man. If you scroll up, you will see a categories box on the right. Click it and select ‘For Women’ or ‘How to talk dirty’ and you will find many articles to teach you how to begin.

    Also, The Dirty Talk Handbook will teach you everything you need to know about how to master the art of sexy dirty talk. Check it out also.

  • nicole

    i think you should make an app for this. just a suggestion : )