Ways to talk dirty to your guy

What are the best ways to talk dirty to your guy?

The answer is, whatever ways make YOU feel the most comfortable.

He’s just happy you’re giving him some sexy attention and he knows he’s about to get lucky!

Here are 5 quick ways for you to give a JOLT of excitement into your mans day:

over the phone
text messages (MMS a sexy pic over! +1)
handwritten letter /scribbled note on napkin or random object
lipstick on the mirror

And hey, if you want to go CRAZIER than that, DO IT!

Also, a lot of people who visit my site have never talked dirty before, so the above options are really great ways to explore one another and can make it easy for you to find out one anothers turn ons so you can have MORE fun with them later.

Hopefully that gives you some ways to talk dirty talk your guy.

Try it out and come back and tell me how it works or if you tried something not on the list!

Good luck,

Evan Michaels

Evan M.Ways to talk dirty to your guy