What dirty words do men like to hear

If you’ve ever wondered what dirty words do men like to hear, I will give you a fantastic list right now:

‘the BIGGEST…’
‘the BEST…’
‘the NICEST…’
‘So good’
‘Can’t wait’
‘Big boy’
‘The BEST’
‘…never before’

You know your guy better then anyone else, so you have to make sure that these words are followed up with something that relates to him. PLUS, the way those words are delivered is what makes it so hot.

It’s all about confidence…put some emotion behind those words. Think sexy thoughts and MEAN it! It will come across so hot, I doubt he’ll last 2 minutes!

Give it a try.

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Evan Michaels

Evan M.What dirty words do men like to hear
  • Connie Lewis

    Great words…I’ll bet any man will flip his lid hearing his sweetheart whispering these into his ear. Now use these words in a sentence…And you’ll have some of the hotest dirty talking phrases!

    ” Your the Biggest…Can’t wait…”