What Men Want Sexually…

IF you think you know exactly what men want sexually, then you NEED to read this article.

Sure men aren’t the most complicated creatures on the planet… we like meat, sports, gambling, fighting (not all of course, but most), SEX.

But just because we love sex (which is obvious) doesn’t mean that it is an easy itch to scratch, there is more to it then that.

Believe it or not men are surprisingly sensitive when it comes to sharing what they want sexually with women.

Here is what I mean…

Most guys are so grateful to get sex, they are AFRAID to tell you what they want and how they want it. Yep, it’s true.

So I’m here to tell YOU exactly what men want sexually!

First of all, guys are dominant creatures. We like to feel manly, and we like to feel strong. But most importantly, we like to feel we are doing a good job.

Men want to think they are the best most exciting partner you have ever had!!! I know it sounds stupid, but we want to feel unique  and memorable somehow… I didn’t say we are the smartest creatures!

We want to be able to throw you down, have our way (while you are impressed with our dominance) while you dirty talk, moan, and scream until a big finish. Finished off with a little bit of pillow talk talking about how amazing it was.

Sounds silly right?

EVERY single time you get together doesn’t have to be like this, but if you allow him to control the situation once and awhile, you will notice his eyes wandering less, and he will be talking about you to his work buddies a LOT more.

On top of this comes the topic of foreplay.,,

Do guys like foreplay?


Foreplay doesn’t always have to lead to sex either… I know that sounds strange for some of you, but a sex session can wholly be replaced by oral or other methods (use your imagination).

Guys LOVE the idea of having a quick session (sex/oral/etc.) in places out of the norm too: ie, the car, shower, beach, etc…

It doesn’t have to be a long marathon, but if you show some spontaneity and a sense of adventure you will give him more then what he wants sexually.

Hope that gives you a little more insight to the male psyche.

Until next time…

Evan Michaels

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Evan M.What Men Want Sexually…
  • Lila

    This is so true! Yesterday my bf and I fooled around in the car at the stop lights and even just that was sexy and teasing and got us both excited for later. Great tips on this site!